John's Information about DRM
Digital Radio Mondiale - Updated October 2009
What receiving equipment do you recommend.

I purchased a Winradio G303 (From Grove Enterprises)- External USB unit with professional demodulator along with the optional DRM decoding software. My antenna is a dipole cut for 3.3 Mhz and I use a Nye Viking antenna tuner.

Another tool I would recommend if you can afford it is an MFJ antenna analyzer. With this device I can set my antenna tuner to the exact settings needed to optimize my antenna for reception of shortwave signals .

How do I know where to find DRM shortwave stations?

1.Schedule B 09

2. DX World

3. Official DRM Web Site

What is your experience with receiving DRM signals?

With the exception of Radio New Zealand, all stations that I have received beamed towards my  QTH (Minneapolis Minnesota  USA)  have been solid copy. I even get solid copy down to S3 .  It should be noted  that during  thunderstorms stations may drop out for  a few seconds, however I have been able to follow along in the conversation with little difficulty.