Are you looking for an IRC Network to link to?



I am currently looking for people that are interested in linking an IRC server to my IRC network.

If you would like to link to the Geek Central IRC Network please keep the following items in mind.
1. I have the final say on all matters. We will not, and do not having a routing committee.
2. I am looking for stable servers and dedicated administrators. Users are NOT required.
3. Because large capacity bandwidth is readily available, and cheap, we DO NOT restrict server linking requests to those with fiber optic connections.  
To put it another way, DSL, Cable Modem, and FIOS connections ARE ACCEPTABLE, 
with that said, we will NOT honor applications from people with dialup, and wireless connections. 
4. We prefer that you have a dedicated and secure computer running your flavor of Unix or Linux, however you may use any OS as long as you know how to secure it and maintain it.
5. I will limit each approved server to only two IRC Operators per server. 
6. I have been running this server since 1996 – That is twelve years. I expect that if you are going to host a server that you have some long-term dedication. 
I have also owned and operated IRC servers on the following networks, Freenode, Galaxynet, Imperial Net, Subnet, WFNET XWorld, and Zuhnet,. 
I have “PLAYED” on the big networks and have no fantasy that Geek Central IRC Network will become a large network. 
I chose to leave the world of BIG IRC networks because of the politics involved and decided instead to focus on what IRC was originally intended for, chatting and development. 
 If you are looking to “PLAY” with the big boys this is NOT the place to be.
7. ALL server-to-server connections and client to server connections must be via SSL.
8. Finally write a short essay of why you want to link to the Geek Central IRC Network and email it to me at the following address or stop by and join me in #hotelmoscow
9. We have no policies other then what you see here.
I look forward to linking your server.


Information about Hybrid-IRCD-7.2.2+JW-2007



I finally decided to port some of the changes from IRC Hybrid 7+JW, and portions of the MBP code base from 2004 into this release.    
Please keep in mind most of these changes are done for my network and if used in an untrusted environment could lead to abuse by both operators and users.
User rules for people wishing to chat on
A part of the Geek Central IRC Network (Formally known as WFNET)
1. SSL is now required. NON SECURE (SSL) connections WILL be refused.
2. Untrusted users MAY have ANTI IDLE rules imposed against them.
Please take the time to find a client that supports SSL. 
If you are running MIRC, I have simple instructions and files up on my web page  
Those who run other clients and figure out SSL installation and use can email me the directions and I will add the information to the SSL help page.