NASHVILLE, TN - In a move that #tennessee chatroom operators are calling a "clear abuse of power", EFNet IRCops raided the channel's IRC party early Saturday morning on February 5th, 2000.

The festivities, held in honor of well-liked op MsSNM's birthday, got underway on February 4th at approximately 10:00pm. The evening was a huge success, with the party goers having a great time at a popular Nashville nightclub until about 1:00am when they moved the party over to Hijexx's home, also in Nashville

Sources said that as the evening drew on and more alchohol was consumed, some of the IRCers in attendence began to criticize IRC and the EFNet administration. 

Word quickly spread of the #tennessee party's alchohol-induced badmouthing, eventually reaching the #twilight_zone channel, where much of the key EFNet administration gathers to discuss a variety of topics. Many of the server ops demanded that the #tennessee radicals be banished from EFNet forever effective immediately.

EFNet Routing Secretary LarZ instead deployed a small task force of IRCops within the region to put an end to the IRC Party. Unconfirmed reports leaked from #twilight_zone indicate that LarZ authorized force if necessary.

The team of eight IRCops arrived at 2:20am and proceeded to disperse the small social gathering, threatening everyone with k-lines, and ordering everybody to leave immediately. Those who refused were quickly subdued by the IRCops, several of the chatters were wrestled to the ground and restrained. admin UncleJed praised the action, telling, "Clearly the party was an IRC-related event, and therefore it was our responsibility to ensure that EFNet rules and regulations were being adhered to."

"Oh for sure.", agreed DeeCee, an operator on, which has yet to remove the bans myc arranged against, despite our victory in Charlotte. "Authority is authority. Whether it's online or off really doesn't make any difference."

IRCers on all major networks were infuriated by the #tennessee crackdown, calling in to question the legality of the raid ordered by LarZ.

Enforcement of network policy at IRC parties is not common practice. However Undernet officials are said to be studying the situation closely and may begin requiring an administrator at all Undernet IRC parties.

MsSNM told that she was "totally pissed off" about the raid, but she really enjoyed her Baskin-Robbins icecream cake.